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 This website is completely based on Two-Way Radio Communications and HAM-Radio Equipments.

Most of all my collection is not available, reason is that I have chosen a certain way of renaming all available files. This is to prevent it from becoming a huge mess, also some subfolders have been merged and everything that has been published will corrected where necessary and new files are updated in the same way.
I am still working on a good search function, which should make it easy to find items. But the structure invites you to look around on your own.

Handheld transceivers, Mobile transceivers, Base station transceivers, Scanners, Receivers, Antennas, Modems, Coax, Amplifiers, Measuring and Testing equipment, etc.

User manuals, Service manuals, Electrical diagrams, Schematics, Adjustments, Reviews, Pictures, Modifications and Programming software.


* If new items are found I will add them to the appropriate "folder/subfolder" 


Options and graphic changes "Download sections" (almost finished)

New folders and subfolders have been added and will of course be expanding from time to time. 


Of course we try to update the files that are available as best we can.

Unfortunately time is an important factor. Should you need something, please leave a message in the available contact form.

Please use this form also if you have any tips/ideas or comments.

I will try to respond as quickly as possible and see if we can find a solution.



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